BSS LSD Multi disc typ188

BSS LSD Multi disc typ188

BSS101 Multi disc LSD BMW 188mm

Especially for BMW.
BSS Multi disc LSD UNIT is improved, adapted, made just for latest BMW models with no LSD factory option such as E46, E90, E60… The BSS LSD center case is designed to replace a factory open differential unit in differential typ188 with gear ratios higher than 3.15. Mostly 6-cyl. engines.
Many opportunities for Lock percentage setup. 10 discs for 40% lock. Its easy to go 12 discs for 50% lock or another option. 1,5way available too.
Compatible cars:
1st series Е81/Е82/Е87/Е88
3rd series E46/Е90/Е91/Е92/Е93
5th series E39/E60/E61
If you are not sure, please contact me in advance.

The Limited slip differential is the perfect solution for traction that delivers noticeable performance benefits. The BSS Multi disc LSD is a clutch type performance differential that improves wheel traction and enhances driving and handling characteristics. BSS Multi disc LSD UNIT is engineered to deliver a torque to the tire with the most grip for aggressive traction control.
Fully mechanical system
Additional software settings are NOT required