Speed sensors


Because of some confusion when and what sensors speedometer mounted over the years and their compatibility I will try to explain.


BMW speed sensors_01

Sensor on the left is mounted to sept.’87 on E30, E23, E24, E28. It has a white version too.

To the right is a sensor mounted after sept.’87 of E30, E34 (models to 525TDS), last E24


As can be seen in the next picture, irreplaceable:


BMW speed sensors_02

The next picture is E30 to sept.’87: №62161369906


BMW speed sensors_03

Here E30 after sept.’87: №62168355008


BMW speed sensors_04

The same sensor on E34:


BMW speed sensors_05

On the next picture are sensors that have the same connectors:

BMW speed sensors_06


To the right of the photo are the sensors of the above photos that are installed after sept.’87 on E30, E34 (models 518i, 520i, 524td 525td and 525TDS), the sensor on the left with BMW № 62168357020, which is painted in blue for all E36 and E31, and this in white for visco LSD of E30, which is exactly the same, but with white plastic.


Here it is of E36:


BMW speed sensors_07

Because of the difference in length, however, any of E34 sensors, may be replaced by a blue from E36, but not vice versa. This is because of structural differences in the rear cover and impulse wheel respectively:


BMW speed sensors_08

Remained two sensors that are mounted on E34 (525i, 530i, 535i and M5) and E32 to july’90 №62161379874:


BMW speed sensors_09

after july’90 №62161390063:

BMW speed sensors_10

fully compatible:

BMW speed sensors_11