E34 differentials. Popular fallacy

Despite of limited variety of E34 differentials, there is a mass delusion that I will unveil. There are generally 3 types of differentials in E34.

E28 medium case diffs typ188

(Can also be used in E30, E34, E24, E23 and Z3 rear subframes. However you may have to swap the rear cover, input and/or output flanges)  

E12 – Back in time

Fifth series E12 differential   The BMW E12 is an automobile which was produced by BMW from 1972 to 1981. It was the first generation

Hypoid gear

Hypoid gear is among the most important innovations in the automotive industry in the twentieth century. On February 8, 1926 the Packard Car Co. has

Speed sensors

Because of some confusion when and what sensors speedometer mounted over the years and their compatibility I will try to explain.   Sensor on the

BMW 100 years

Bayerische Motoren Werke AG known as the BMW is a German company, producer of cars, motorcycles and engines founded in 1916 ……… makes 100 years