typ188 LSD friction discs 2+2 GROOVED clutch plates set

typ188 LSD friction discs 2+2 GROOVED clutch plates set

First time for BMW GROOVED clutch
Repair set for BMW medium case type 188 LSD differential.

GROOVED clutch plates set for a factory clutch type BMW ZF limited slip differential.
The grooved discs are designed to eliminate the possibility of scratches and scuff when using OEM friction discs or aftermarket discs made on the basis of molybdenum. Grooved discs are OEM fully replaceable. In the presence of suitable oil into a differential, these discs practically will last forever. We recommend professional installation and oil replacement. Use oil for limited slip differentials only. We recommend 75W-140 or 80W-140. Change every 30000 miles/ 36 months

This set includes:
2pcs 2.0 mm spiral disc
2pcs 2.0 mm “dog ear” disc

Type 188mm differentials are fitted to following cars:
E30 – 325i; 324td; M3
E36 – 323i; 325i; 328i; M3 3.0; 325td(S)
E34 – 518i; 520i; 525i; 530i; 524td; 525td(S)
E32 – 730i;
E28 – 518i; 520i; 525i; 528i; 524td
Some other models (Z3, E23, E24…)

Best offer now.
The discs are brand new, and made from high quality tool steel.
CNC machined discs made in EU
Special design developed by BMW SHPER STUDIO
No scraping sound anymore
No more scratching
Best durability
Lifetime Warranty